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Monday, September 11, 2017

Remaining active and engaged in age-friendly Durham Region

Durham Region is known as a community that values, respects and supports the well-being of all 673,000 residents, regardless of age or ability.

So, when recent stats noted that about 25 per cent of the population is aged 55 or older (and the number is expected to rise to 34 per cent by 2031), Durham Region began laying the foundation for a strong and vibrant community that meets the needs of an older generation.

The ideal community for older adults is a place where they can stay active, enjoy better health, be more engaged and informed, and feel comfortable sharing their abundant knowledge and experience. The Region needed to mirror this in its decision-making process; reflecting and responding to the needs and life experience of older adults.

The result was the creation of the Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan. This document offers a sustainable, collaborative, long-term strategy to help meet the needs of Durham Region’s aging population. It is designed to ensure that Durham remains a community where seniors are valued, respected and engaged.

Based on feedback from more than 1,700 people and over 20 community organizations, the Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan provides recommendations around issues such as health-care services, transportation and housing.

It also led to the creation of the Age Friendly Viewer Map, an interactive tool that helps residents to locate local programs and services that may be of interest to older adults.

Moving into this fall of 2017, Durham Region’s next step is creating a Council on Aging.

The mandate of this group will be to support implementation of the strategy; working to move this plan forward. Key members will include representatives of the Region, area municipalities, local businesses, community organizations, academia, and residents—all of which will help to implement the objectives that are listed in the strategy.

For more information about the Age-Friendly Durham Strategy and Action Plan, or to view the interactive map, visit
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